Be present anywhere in real-time

Our latest innovation is holoportation, a real historic moment in holographic technology. Using our tried and trusted holographics technology, we can now have you attend any conference, presentation, and lecture on stage from anywhere in the world.

Without Glasses!

Imagine giving a lecture at Harvard at 10am followed by a presentation in Davos at 11am. All without leaving your office. Our holoportation solution, which can be regarded as a form of digital teleportation, allows the audience to see your hologram in real-time on stage indistinguishable from the real you.

Not only can they see you, but you can also see your audience at the same time, using screens around you. This allows for real interaction between the presenter and the audience. With our holoportation solution there is no need for anyone to wear glasses.

Almost everyone knows about concerts that are using stage holograms for artists, such as ABBA, Michael Jackson, and Frank Zappa. But in reality, these are just 2D images projected on a gauze. Our holoportation solution creates real 3D Objects next to the presenter. It’s really as if the presenter is there through teleportation.

Benefits of

Real interaction

The look and feel of the holoported person are as if they are physically present. They can interact with anyone in the audience and vice versa.

Save time and money

Thought leaders and artists can be present without the need for expenses such as flight and hotel costs.

Save the environment

Without the need for travelling, you can save tremendous amounts on your carbon footprint.

Other features

Up to three people can be holoported simultaneously to the stage from different locations.

Stage dimensions can be as small as 2.5 meters up to 20 meters wide.

Tekle Holoportation can be used in broad daylight for large audiences. No need to dim the lights and no need for glasses or headsets for presenter and audience.

You can load any 3D file and project it as an interactive hologram anywhere on stage.

Manipulate it in real-time just as with our other holographics devices, for example with our gesture control gloves.