Experience the metaverse at CES 2022!

There has been a lot of talk about (the) “metaverse” lately. Facebook announced its plans for a whole new way to interact with other people, companies, and the internet. Of course, this is right up our alley, since immersive Holographics is exactly what we do! Read on.

First, it’s good to explain what the “metaverse” is (and what it isn’t). For example, there is no such thing as ‘the’ metaverse. The fact that Facebook has sort of claimed the term can be confusing. In 2003 virtual world Second Life launched and it can be regarded as the first serious installment of a metaverse. The ever-popular Minecraft is also a sort of metaverse, as are Roblox and Fortnite to name a few examples.

So, a “metaverse” is a 3D world where you can freely roam and meet other people, buy stuff, experience entertainment, and just live your online life. And this is where we come in.

To be in this 3D world you need to wear heavy, clunky AR or VR headsets. But with Tekle Holographics there is no need for any hampering kind of equipment. We can create a hologram where you can experience a real 3D “metaverse”, and move and interact with simple and natural gestures of your hands using gloves.

Our groundbreaking “metaverse” portals can be used with any kind of 3D data. Regardless whichever “metaverse” will be dominant in the next few years, we will be there to give you a more natural social immersive experience. (Microsoft for example, has announced it will be incorporating “metaverse” characteristics in Teams.)

At CES 2022 in Las Vegas we will be demonstrating one of our portals; a 4x5m Holo-Room where we create lifelike experiences and realistic simulations. The Holo-Room allows us to show life-size holograms. Visitors of our booth can expect to be taken on an amazing journey, where they can expect to:

  • Interact with a real holographic avatar
  • Build your own apartment in a skyscraper in Manhattan
  • Be in space
  • And much more!

And of course, all this without heavy headsets!

If you happen to be in or around Las Vegas between January 5 and 8, don’t hesitate and give us a visit at our booth in Venetian Expo Hall A-C 52743.

We are also part of the Dutch scale-up pavilion, booth number 51733.