More intuitive holographics with tracking gloves

Our holographic experience just got a lot better. Again. From now on you can use special gloves to control the holographic image. Read on!

In order to display our holographic image, our device needs to know where you are and, more importantly, where you are looking. To control the device, it needs to ‘see’ what your hands are doing. That is why your eyes and hands need to be tracked by the device.

Previously, we used glasses and a handheld device with small, illuminated bulbs, making the user look a bit odd. But now we are able to use special tracking gloves and small, unintrusive glasses, making the holographic experience a lot more realistic.

It gets even better. The gloves work like just like you would use your fingers on a touchscreen. You can pinch to zoom in or out, and point to click. This makes our holographics solutions even more intuitive, so we are on our way fulfill our mission to create a seamless interaction with the digital world.

You can see for yourself @CES2022, where we are demonstrating our metaverse portal. With the gloves!