Tekle shares thoughts about holographic solutions at Toy Fair panel

Normally there would have been a Toy Fair in New York this week, but due to Covid it has been cancelled. Instead, the Toy Association has organized online panels discussing a variety of subjects, including panels about the meaning of the metaverse for the toy industry.

We were happy to be able to contribute to the panel discussion about “Influencers, virtual showrooms, AR & VR: Discover the trends to help you grow your business”. During this panel Michel Tzsfaldet tells how holographic solutions also pushes the toy industry further into the future. An absolute wow-experience that could bring customers back to the physical stores and makes toys possible that can be adjusted on the spot by the consumer to meet their demands. Holographic solutions can therefore also provide a win-win situation in the toy industry.

The panel was moderated by Robin Raskin, founder of The Virtual Events Group and next to our own Tekle Holographics CEO Michel it was attended by Tom Emrich, VP of Product at 8Th Wall, Melissa Hunter, founder and CEO at Family Video Network and the CTO of SeekXR, Jeremy Whitt.

We’ve joined The Virtual Events Group since their invitation to this panel. This organization is committed to building a B2B community that shares insights and knowledge about virtual events.

Check out the entire panel discussion below: