Take your holographics presentation on the road

Portable version of the Holo-Wall that fits into two suitcases and can be set-up within 10 minutes.

The Holo-Wall is a holographics device which creates a window or portal pushing into the wall. It can also make holograms that can extend from the wall into the room up to 4 meters (13 feet).

The device has two main modes. The first mode can have animation and interactivity and can be used for a number of applications in a variety of industries. With the second mode it’s possible to create holographic tours of real places or of the metaverse.

You can watch tv on the wall or play your favorite console game and turn it into a holographic portal with the push of a button.

One person can view the hologram correctly if they are close (within 1 meter). Others can still see it, but slightly distorted (bent). On the other hand, if the audience is 3 meters or more away, it is possible to have up to 30 viewers. This allows for large scale holographic presentations, and the hologram will function as a sort of window to the outside world.

Creates a 2 x 3.5 meter (6.6 x 11.5 feet) screen on the wall
Comes packed into two trolley suitcases with a total weight of 35 kgs (77 lbs)
You can use the holographic display to watch tv and play console games
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Use Case

Engineering & Manufacturing

VR is an important part of the engineering process nowadays. To be able to see a design from all angles makes it possible to discover flaws which are not so apparent on a 2D display. But our holographics solution makes it even better

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