Experience metaverse in real immersive 3D

If everything goes as expected the internet will develop into something more immersive in 3D. Where everyone sees this 'metaverse' as something you should experience with a VR headset, we are thinking in a completely different direction

..without heavy and clumsy headsets

It’s good to realize that right now ‘the’ metaverse does not exist. Several companies have announced plans for a 3D internet, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

We are all for the metaverse. No more avatars, just be yourself in an immersive environment that is not only for fun and gaming, but also for shopping, working, collaborating, selling, and doing business in general.

We are not developing a metaverse ourselves, but we do have the best technology to help turn it into real immersive 3D. Whichever version of the metaverse will eventually be ‘the’ metaverse. As development of the metaverse progresses, so do we. And we will always be there, at the cutting edge of technological developments.

Right now, we are working on an innovative product that can be used for experiencing the metaverse.

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